hey and i want to tell you that i'm not going to be called DubstepMidnight anymore my Permerant Artist name is going to be Distorted Vortex but that doesn't mean that DubstepMidnight is finished for good no his final hurrah is going to be on Pixel Dreams which is coming in November and also in 2016 i will be releasing Change Characters which believe it or not is the 11th Album

so i didn't really told you you guys this but i'm going to release my last album soon called pixel dreams and for pixel dreams i'm going to work hard on it and even make a collection of all 10 albums i maded starting from the first ever one sky beats

About FS001

2015-09-25 02:43:23 by DubstepMidnight

hey guys and for the first time i've finally came up with a official name for FS001 and FS001 witll be a complitaction album like for most music labels like monstercat, 99L or Ninety9Lives (if you don't know them then i highly recommend you checking there music trust me you won't be disappointed) and idk a third one >_<


so anyways the album will be free and is accepting tracks from any daws but they need to be really good tracks and also for the album please try to not add old tracks onto the album like i don't really mind but having old tracks idk like is suppose to be a complitaction of new track i guess also don't send me crap ones like if your going to send me a track then make sure is good and also i can't really master anything so i guess you guys have to do the mastering now i know that mastering can make the music sound much more better on stereos or in a car or on your tv like trust me i don't have any headphones and i don't know how to master so please do the mastering or get a professinal to do it


so this is the cover i didn't really put it as full scale but i think you can see it clearly enough but i was thinking about making the cover better but while FS001 - Fight On Glitchside is in progress you can send your tracks or demos to my email kanehenry32@gmail.com if you want to join the album and also if you want to join FireStorm Studios then message me i will listen to your tracks and see if your in your not but remember i'm also going to have audiotool artist joining aswell

ok back guys

2015-08-27 05:26:16 by DubstepMidnight

so i'm back from the dead and ready to yiff some d**ks


2014-12-21 04:19:08 by DubstepMidnight

Why Did They Remove My Art Is Wasn't Violating The Guidelines

hi there

2014-12-04 20:51:32 by DubstepMidnight

Welcome To MyNew Account I'm DubstepMid But Some Of You Know Me As SkyMaster360